Online Trademark Registration Services In India

Apply For Trademark Registration Online In India for Your Business

Ever noticed the tiny TM or R on the top right corner of a brand logo? That small sign signifies that the brand is Trademarked or Registered. The symbol, logo or label which is used to establish an identity of a brand or company, for the goods or services offered by it, needs to be registered for trademark as it gives you the whole & sole authority to use the trademark.

The registered trademark becomes an intangible asset for the business and gives you all the rights to its use. It becomes illegal for anyone else to use your business logo/tagline or logo similar to yours. The Trademarks are registered under the Trademark Act 1999 enabling the owner to protect the company’s investment in the brand or logo.

Once the application for Trademark Registration is filed, you can use TM with your logo. However, it might take a year or two to get your logo registered and to be able to use R with your logo. The examination of logo according to the guidelines and making sure there are no objections, takes time and hence, once the Trademark is registered, it is valid for 10 years, after which it can be renewed for succeeding years.

Before applying for Trademark Registration, make sure to check the trademark availability so as to avoid future oppositions and problems. Jain Divya & Associates can guide throughout the trademarking procedure and can help you get the Trademark Registered.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

Identity & Business Proof

Logo with

Identity Proof of Authorized Signatory

Proof of Registration of Business


Logo & User

Process for Trademark Registration

  • Based on your requirements and trademark categories, we will help you prepare your application. The necessary documents and application form, duly signed by you, are sent to the Trademark Registrar.
  • Once the application is filed, you can start using the TM symbol.
  • As the government processing starts, we will keep you updated with the proceedings through mails, sms and iCFO platform.

Why Opt for Trademark Registration?

  • Trademark guarantees your brand logo protection against any infringement. You can sue the entity damaging or tampering with your trademark.
  • Trademark provides your brand unique identity. Your products and services are known for their brand value.
  • With Trademark Registration, you create an intangible asset for your enterprise reserving the rights to its use, sale and franchising.
  • Registered Trademark creates trust and goodwill among your customers. It ensures that your customers are not served with fake products or services.

Trademark Registration is the vital step towards creating the brand value and hence flourishing your business. To know more about trademarks and patents, set up a consulting session with Jain Divya & Associates.