GST Registration For Foreigners And NRI's In India - Online

GST Registration Foreigners

India has great potential for businesses and that is what attracts foreigners and NRIs to enter the market to earn heavy profits. However, for a non-resident pursuing to undertake supply of goods or services or both, occasionally or permanently, directly as owner or indirectly as agent or in any capacity, has to mandatorily register for GST. The non-resident taxable person also needs to authorize a person in India to take care of the GST compliances.

According the GST regulations, the non-resident taxable person has to apply for GST registration as a Non-Resident Foreign Taxpayer atleast 5 prior to undertaking the business in India. This has to be done through the agent authorized by the non-resident taxpayer by filing an application for GST registration, after which a transaction number is generated. The taxpayer has to deposit the GST amount using transaction no. and hence obtain GST registration in India.

Jain Divya & Associates stays updated with the latest reforms regarding the GST and commits to help her clients throughout the GST registration for foreigners procedure. Whether a foreign company or NRI individual planning on undertaking business in India, we provide end-to-end GST services from GST registration to GST return filing with all other compliances taken care of. GST registration for Foreign Non-resident Taxpayers takes 10-15 days after the submission of all the necessary documents, subject to government processing. For further details regarding GST and foreign taxing, reach out to Jain Divya & Associates.

Documents Required for GST Registration

  • Tax Identification no. or Unique no. as identified by
    foreign government

  • Passport and VISA details of non-resident taxable

  • Proof of Business Incorporation validated by
    foreign government

  • Address Proof for Place of

  • Bank Account

  • Digital Signature
    (of authorized person in India)

GST Registration Process

In order to start the business in India, all foreign non-resident taxpayers have to apply for GST registration 5 days prior to operations. Jain Divya & Associates can help you get the GST certificate in 10-12 days after submission of documents, subject to government processing.

  • Appoint an authorized signatory with valid PAN card holder of India who will undertake GST registration and GST compliances.
  • The promoters of foreign company then sign GST declaration validating the appointment of authorized signatory in India.
  • The authorized signatory will then submit the application for GST registration for non-resident taxable person with all the necessary documents. A reference no. is generated for remitting GST deposit.
  • Depending upon the expected liability, the GST deposit has to be remitted to obtain GST registration.
  • Once the GST deposit is remitted and documents are checked by the officials, GST registration certificate is issued for a fixed valid period.

Benefits of GST

  • GST has become a unified platform doing away with all the other taxes such as multiple VAT registrations and Service Tax registration. All indirect taxes are streamlined an unified by GST registration.
  • There are no multiple taxes such Central Sales Tax, Additional Custom Duty, Purchase Tax, Luxury Tax, etc anymore as GST undertakes singles tax on all goods and services. This has also increased the ease of doing business.
  • With greater annual turnover threshold, the taxes to be paid are lower as compared to what was in case of VAT. GST is also expected to increase the tax base, hence decreasing the overall tax liability and making business more compliant.

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