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Public Unlisted Company

Each company whether a Private Limited Company, Limited Company or One-Person Company is required to file the annual return after the end of each financial year. The procedure of annual filing of a company is simple. Under Companies Act, 2013 companies are required to file the form electronically.

Public Unlisted Company

Here are the following forms required to file with the Registrar of Companies annually:

Document Type E-Form Purpose
Balance – Sheet AOC -4 Filling of Financial Statement with the registrar
Consolidated Financial Statement AOC- 4(CFS) Companies which have Subsidiary Company, Associate Company, and Joint Ventures.
Profit & Loss Account AOC - 4 Filling of Profit & Loss Account with the registrar
Annual Return MGT – 7 To give in information related to director and shareholder for the period of financial Year.
Director Report Director Report along with Following Annexure in Form AOC – 4:
  • MGT – 9
  • Secretarial Audit AOC – 2
  • Report
Filling of Resolutions Form MGT - 14