Online Copyright Registration Process In India

Copyright Registration

Creativity is something which cannot be learned or imparted. It is an individualistic characteristic and every artist finds a unique way of expressing their creativity. Any artistic work, be it literary, dramatic, paintings, musical, cinematography or recordings, needs protection against copying and infringement to maintain its uniqueness. The Copyright Act 1957 provides the intellectual property protection to the creators of these artistic works.

Copyright provides the assurance regarding the safety and gives due credit to the owner of the work. The owner gets many right including the rights to publication, reproduction, adaption and translation of the work under the Copyright. Apart from literature, paintings, drama, music, cinematographs, recordings and other artistic works, instruction manuals, product literatures and user guides are also copyrighted by the company. The ownership of these company works is either with the creator or the employer of the creator or the person who authorized the work. However, it is to be noted that ideas, procedures and concepts cannot be copyrighted.

Similar to Trademark, Copyright is the intellectual property of the creator of art. Though the creator reserves the exclusive right of the work even without the registration, Copyright is the prima facie when it comes to commercial sphere and legal proceeding, hence Copyright Registration becomes important to protect the work in case of dispute. Jain Divya & Associates can help you apply for Copyright Registration.

Details & Documents Required for Copyright Registration

  • Name, Address and Nationality of the Applicant

  • Nature of Applicant’s Interest in the Copyright

  • Class & Description of the

  • Title of the

  • Language of the

  • If published, Date of

Procedure for Copyright Registration

  • We collect all the details of the work to be copyrighted and documents from your end and prepare the application according to the Form-XIV.
  • After the consent for your side, we file the Copyright Registration with all the documents and forms with the Registrar of Copyrights.
  • The Registrar will issue a Diary No. and registration will take 12 months from this date.
  • A 30 days time is reserved for any objection to be raised.
  • During the 12 months, clarification can be demanded from the Registrar. The Copyright certificate is issued on satisfying all the conditions

Why Opt for Copyright Registration?

  • Your work is a result of your sweat and blood, your creativity should be protected from being plagiarized or misused. Copyright registration provides the legal protection to the work.
  • Copyrighted work is protected globally.
  • Registered copyright is an intangible asset for the owner of work. This provide the right to publish and market the work, hence creating the goodwill and quality assurance in the minds of the people.
  • Copyrighting the work allow the owner to take legal action against any infringement or duplication of the work.

Get your work registered for copyright with the profession help from Jain Divya & Associates. Know more about the Copyright Act 1957 and implication by setting up a consultation session with Jain Divya & Associates.