Online Trade License In India - Eligibility And Types

Trade License

Issued by the acting authority of the place, be it State Government or Corporation or Municipality, Trade License is the authorized document which needs to be obtained as the permission to operate before starting a business in a particular area or location. The license restricts the applicant to a particular location and to the particular trade activity.

The purpose of the Trade License is that the applicant should know and understand the jurisdictions and legal particulars of the area in which they are carrying out the business. The legal authorities make sure the business which will be carried out is not unethical and is not creating any danger or nuisance to the neighboring surroundings. Since the rules and regulations pertaining to Trade License vary from state to state, hence the license is issued by the Corporation or Municipality of the location.

The application for Trade License is made to the Commissioner of the Corporation, upon which the Trade License is issued within 7-15 days after the necessary checks by the officials, subject to document submission and government processing. Jain Divya & Associates can help your business get Trade License. Set up a meeting with Jain Divya & Associates to know more about the codes and compliances related to your business.

Documents Required for Trade License

General Documents

  • Aadhaar Card / PAN Card as Identity Proof
  • Electricity Bill as Address Proof
  • Authority Letter of Business (sole proprietorship)
  • Proof of Ownership of Property / Rent Agreement of Property


  • Partnership Deed
  • Partnership Firm’s PAN
  • Partner’s ID Proof – Identity & Address

Private Company

  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Company Director’s ID Proof – Identity & Address

Applying for Trade License

  • We help you prepare the bundle of all the necessary documents and information required to be submitted along with the filled application to the concerned government authority.
  • Once the application and documents are submitted, we help you respond to any query raised. We follow up with the authority regarding your Trade License application.
  • Once approved, the Trade License Certificate is sent to your address through courier.

Some Facts about Trade License

  • Trade License is subject to state government and hence may have different names in different states, such as Gumasta in Maharashtra.
  • The procedure and jurisdiction of Trade License varies from state to state and hence the application needs to be made to concerned State Government, Corporation or Municipality.
  • Some states require in-person verification by officials before issuing Trade License.
  • The normal processing time is 10-15 days, however can take longer in case of villages and small towns.
  • The validity of Trade License is one year, after which it has to be renewed at the end of year by paying renewal fees.
  • The application needs to be made within 30 days of starting the business.

Get in touch for the correct resources and knowledge, Jain Divya & Associates can help and guide you to get Trade License.